Avery 16228 Tabs

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25 Tabs per Pack 1 1/2"

Make sure you swim easily through a sea of data. Organize your work and make specific pages easier to find with these Index Tabs with Printable Inserts. Tab pages for handy reference later, so you can find information in documents, catalogs and more quickly and easily. Use a free template from avery.com to customize the tabs and then print them using your laser or inkjet printer. The self-adhesive tabs stick permanently to your pages to help you swiftly find your place again and again. Float through every situation with ease and enjoy the ride.

Mark pages in reports, catalogs, brochures and more so you can easily refer to information again later

Self-adhesive tabs stick permanently to your pages

Type and print inserts easily for handy reference

Inserts compatible with laser and inkjet printers

Customize with a free template from avery.com