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  • Image 1
  • Image 2
  • Tab 1 front
  • This is the back of tab one, the number is upside down  (this is standard almost all manufacturers dividers are this way) so they can be used in reverse from the bottom up.
  • Front of tab 2, it steps down so that tab one is visible.
  • Tab 3 front
  • Tab 4 front
  • This is how the first 25 look when all together, they match the side sets, 26 starts at the top again.
  • 25 of only the number you need
  • Image 10

Side Individual Numbers (pack of 25 of all the same number)


In stock

Product Description

Avery type style, price is per pack of 25 tabs.  Letter size side number tab , choose any number from 1-500. All One Number in a pack. If you want sets click here for our

"Side Collated Number Sets"  These Are The Same Tabs And Positioning As Our Side Sets. Not Punched. Laminated Tabs Preinted 2 sides on recycled paper.


Here is a list of the Avery Brand Product Numbers That These Match.

Avery-11911, Avery-11912, Avery-11913, Avery-11914, Avery-11915, Avery-11916, Avery-11917, Avery-11918, Avery-11919, Avery-11920, Avery-11921, Avery-11922, Avery-11923, Avery-11924, Avery-11925, Avery-01016, Avery-01017, Avery-01018, Avery-01019, Avery-01020, Avery-01021, Avery-01022, Avery-01023, Avery-01024, Avery-01025, Avery-01026, Avery-01027, Avery-01028, Avery-01029, Avery-01030, Avery-01031, Avery-01032, Avery-01033, Avery-01034, Avery-01035, Avery-01036, Avery-01037, Avery-01038, Avery-01039, Avery-01040, Avery-01041, Avery-01042, Avery-01043, Avery-01044, Avery-01045, Avery-01046, Avery-01047, Avery-01048, Avery-01049, Avery-01050, Avery-01051, Avery-01052, Avery-01053, Avery-01054, Avery-01055, Avery-01056, Avery-01057, Avery-01058, Avery-01059, Avery-01060, Avery-01061, Avery-01062, Avery-01063, Avery-01064, Avery-01065, Avery-01066, Avery-01067, Avery-01068, Avery-01069, Avery-01070, Avery-01071, Avery-01072, Avery-01073, Avery-01074, Avery-01075, Avery-01076, Avery-01077, Avery-01078, Avery-01079, Avery-01080, Avery-01081, Avery-01082, Avery-01083, Avery-01084, Avery-01085, Avery-01086, Avery-01087, Avery-01088, Avery-01089, Avery-01090, Avery-01091, Avery-01092, Avery-01093, Avery-01094, Avery-01095, Avery-01096, Avery-01097, Avery-01098, Avery-01099, Avery-01100.

Here is a list of the HCM Brand Product Numbers These Match.

HCM80001, HCM80002, HCM80003, HCM80004,

Here is a list of the Kleer-Fax Brand Product Numbers That These Match.

Kleer-Fax-81111, Kleer-Fax-81112, Kleer-Fax-81113, Kleer-Fax-81114, Kleer-Fax-81115, Kleer-Fax-81116, Kleer-Fax-81117, Kleer-Fax-81118, Kleer-Fax-81119, Kleer-Fax-81120, Kleer-Fax-81121, Kleer-Fax-81122, Kleer-Fax-81123, Kleer-Fax-81124, Kleer-Fax-81125, Kleer-Fax-82216, Kleer-Fax-82217, Kleer-Fax-82218, Kleer-Fax-82219, Kleer-Fax-82220, Kleer-Fax-82221, Kleer-Fax-82222, Kleer-Fax-82223, Kleer-Fax-82224, Kleer-Fax-82225, Kleer-Fax-82226, Kleer-Fax-82227, Kleer-Fax-82228, Kleer-Fax-82229, Kleer-Fax-82230, Kleer-Fax-82231, Kleer-Fax-82232, Kleer-Fax-82233, Kleer-Fax-82234, Kleer-Fax-82235, Kleer-Fax-82236, Kleer-Fax-82237, Kleer-Fax-82238, Kleer-Fax-82239, Kleer-Fax-82240, Kleer-Fax-82241, Kleer-Fax-82242, Kleer-Fax-82243, Kleer-Fax-82244, Kleer-Fax-82245, Kleer-Fax-82246, Kleer-Fax-82247, Kleer-Fax-82248, Kleer-Fax-82249, Kleer-Fax-82250, Kleer-Fax-82251, Kleer-Fax-82252, Kleer-Fax-82253, Kleer-Fax-82254, Kleer-Fax-82255, Kleer-Fax-82256, Kleer-Fax-82257, Kleer-Fax-82258, Kleer-Fax-82259, Kleer-Fax-82260, Kleer-Fax-82261, Kleer-Fax-82262, Kleer-Fax-82263, Kleer-Fax-82264, Kleer-Fax-82265, Kleer-Fax-82266, Kleer-Fax-82267, Kleer-Fax-82268, Kleer-Fax-82269, Kleer-Fax-82270, Kleer-Fax-82271, Kleer-Fax-82272, Kleer-Fax-82273, Kleer-Fax-82274, Kleer-Fax-82275, Kleer-Fax-82276, Kleer-Fax-82277, Kleer-Fax-82278, Kleer-Fax-82279, Kleer-Fax-82280, Kleer-Fax-82281, Kleer-Fax-82282, Kleer-Fax-82283, Kleer-Fax-82284, Kleer-Fax-82285, Kleer-Fax-82286, Kleer-Fax-82287, Kleer-Fax-82288, Kleer-Fax-82289, Kleer-Fax-82290, Kleer-Fax-82291, Kleer-Fax-82292, Kleer-Fax-82293, Kleer-Fax-82294, Kleer-Fax-82295, Kleer-Fax-82296, Kleer-Fax-82297, Kleer-Fax-82298, Kleer-Fax-82299, Kleer-Fax-82100

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