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exhibitindexes.com is the leading distributor of legal index dividers, index tabs, high numbered tabs, tab dividers, exhibit labels, exhibit stickers and related products in the country. Our primary market is attorneys, paralegals, law firms, government agencies, court reporters, construction companies and engineering/architectural firms. We are distributors of Avery, Tabbies, Bates and Redi-Tag products as well as our own exclusive products that are not available elsewhere. 


We have added Amazon Pay

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We just added Amazon Pay as a payment method, this is a secure and easy way to complete your checkout. I am a big time online shopper and when I shop I notice many more things than the average shopper, and I want to apply the best to my own  web site. Amazon Pay keeps your financial information so you do not need to enter it on our site, kind of like PayPal you will not need to enter all of the billing address info, it is just there. We are always looking for fastest way out for our customers. Checkout is never simple, they are constantly changing layouts and it is frustrating for everybody including us- I would think a couple of years down the road all website will be using a standardized layout or at least I hope so.

We also offer Apple Pay for those customers that are shopping on the Safari platform.

Where will it end?

Okay so by popular demand we have added another product, 6A-6Z tabs. When we added the 4A-4Z we thought...that will be good, but no we kept getting calls asking for 5A-5Z. We ran with the 5A-5Z for a couple of years but with so many requests for 6A-6Z we figured okay why not? We had [...]

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