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Google Customer Reviews

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Perhaps you have noticed the Google Customer Reviews logo at the bottom right on our website, this is a program that eCommerce retailers like us subscribe to. 

In a nutshell the way it works is that we submit sign up agreeing to meet or exceed Googles service metrics for on-time shipping, customer service and returns policy. Google monitors us for a period, I don't remember how long it was but it was maybe 3 or 6 months. Since Google basically owns the internet they control our advertising and search results and there is no way a non legitimate retailer would agree to this, even if they could get approved.

When you checkout that popup comes up to allow Google to email you a short survey after you have taken delivery. It is in your best interest to always buy from a site that has that Google icon, not just with us but anyplace you buy online. There is no way to kill a bad review or fudge anything, the website has zero control over anything with this review system.

Our rating is about perfect, 4.9, would love to have a 5.0 but that is not realistic as no matter how hard we try, errors happen and there are always haters out there for some unkonown reason

Improved product

We have recently upgraded out blank 1/25th cut side tabs. The previous paper was an 80lb text which is the same stock that most of the tabs are printed on, problem is that the other tabs are laminated, these are just cut paper so they would bend and dog ear very easily. Not that we [...]

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Where will it end?

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