Why Us?

Why should I shop for exhibit dividers, tabs and other legal products from

Exhibit Indexes versus Big Box Stores

You may wonder why you should buy from us instead of from a big box store. Actually, there are a number of reasons:

1. We stock a variety of products.

While big box stores typically stock tabs up to number 100 only, Exhibit Indexes stocks more. In fact, we frequently get orders specifically for higher-numbered tabs because they are unavailable through other retailers. Who else in the country has AAAAA-ZZZZZ tabs on the shelf? Bottom Exhibit tabs, Exhibit 1- Exhibit 200? Just us!

2. Our prices are better, MUCH better!

The prices at big box stores are typically higher than ours, check it out for yourself. Their prices are all over the place using baiting tactics, every time you look the price is different. These are not business to business practices. Often you can choose the next day delivery option and when you divide it out we are still less expensive. versus Similar Retailers

When it comes to similar legal index retailers, we have some competition, but we have still found ways to set ourselves apart.

Our biggest distinction lies in the fact that we actually have the products that we display on our site in stock, they are not special orders- you will not get a call saying the product is no longer stocked. Of course we occasionally run out of an item and there are limits as to how much we can stock, but mostly you are good to go!  Unlike many of our competitors, we pack and ship the majority of the orders we receive on our own, with the exception of a small percentage of orders ship directly from our bindery. Many other retailers are essentially "drop shippers" that send products to customers from the same manufacturer or P3 warehouse. We flat out pack it better and more accurately than they do.