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Bates Stamps / Bates Numbering Machines

We offer 4 different numbering machines for Bates stamping. All of our numbering stamps automaticly advance. The Bates Style stamp with ink cartridge is the most convenient, we also offer a Cosco stamp that is adequate at a very attractive price. The Bates Royall is "brand name" and a big seller. Lastly we have a stamp that has a letter prefix in case you need.

It is important to use the correct ink in these machines, regular stamp pad ink will not work- these machines have metal wheels and need a specific oil based ink.

Before you order a stamp, please consider our Bates Stamping Service if you are just going to do an occasional project, this will look more professional, be more accurate and neater- and it will may even be less expensive than purchasing the stamp. Here is the link to our web page: