Bates Stamping

This is a service available for sale, you scan your documents, upload them to our ftp site (we will send you a very simple link) we then electronically add whatever number AND prefix you require. We then send you an even simpler link to download perfectly Bates stamped pages in no time.

We do not need to be in your city or town, we perform this service for firms all across the country, it is all electronic back and forth. We are likely more capible than your local vendor,or even your own copy department. We are US based and all work is handled confidentially. We have mastered the software so you don't need to this is an awesome option for a small firm. We will even gladly do a sample job for you just call us at 800-698-8423 to discuss your needs or email us a job to  and see how we will make your life easier!

Prices are reasonable too:

1-500 Pages @ .20 per page

501-1000 Pages @ .15 per page

1001 and up  @ .12 per page


Plus a $3.00 per file charge, for example, if you send and require 10 seperate PDF files back there will be a $30.00 charge in addition to above prices, if you only have 1 file add $3.00