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Bottom Tab Dividers

When you have complex organization needs, and when you need more than just side tabs, consider the benefit of Bottom Tab Category dividers. When a single side tab has numerous legal briefs, quotes, proposals, academic papers, research data, or other complex papers, you will want an effective way to instantly select the information you are seeking.

Bottom Tab Dividers provide a way to methodically organize the information within your side tabs. Our white bottom tab category dividers are heavy and durable, and are laminated to resist anything that might come its way, be it spills, potential rips and tears, or heavy travel. They come blank for your personal customization, or with pre-printed labels such as letters and numbers. We offer them in multiple sizes. They are slightly larger than the paper they accommodate, so you can instantly locate the tab.

Please note that bottom tab category dividers are not punched, so you can customize them to fit your personal needs. If you wish, we can punch them for a small additional fee