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Bottom number tabs
If you’re looking to organize large documents, then numbered tabs are one of the best ways to do it. These uncollated bottom numbered tabs make it easy to
choose one individual tab that you need for all your documents. Perfect if you just need a few sections or if you’re add new tabs to your existing documents.
Each pack comes with a tab of your choice.
These packs come with 25 tabs of the same number. Choose anything between 1-50 and then how many packs you need. They have been sized to work with
conventional tabs so that they work perfectly with your existing tabs. If you’re been using Avery, then these tabs will fit right in. The tabs have been sized to fit
10 to a sheet and each tab is spaced appropriately.
The tabs have been laminated so that they are resistant to tears. Each sheet is sized to be the same size as a letter sheet,
but there is a half-inch tab at the bottom that sticks out for easy access. You’ll have no problems quickly finding the right section and opening it up. The tabs
have been printed on both sides and can be easily flipped so the tab is on the top.
These tabs will ship unpunched, but we can punch two holes at the top for you for a small fee. This allows you to use the tabs immediately instead of punching
them beforehand. You’ll find this is much more convenient and saves you a significant amount of time and effort.
If you need tabs for your large documents, then we’re here to help. Our uncollated bottom numbered tabs will work into your existing system, or you can make
your own with a few numbers. You’ll find our tabs are highly durable and able to withstand the test of time.