Avery® Style Bottom Exhibit Indexes Letters (pack of 25)

Bottom Tab:
Exhibit Letter
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Bottom Exhibit Tabs Letters, Bold Avery® style Font
If you need to add an extra few letters to your exhibit tab system, then these lettered bottom exhibit tabs will be perfect. These uncollated packs allow you to
choose one letter of your preference and each pack comes with 25 sheets that you can quickly fit into your existing documents.
The tabs themselves are half an inch in size and at the bottom of the sheet, allowing you to easily locate the right section for your needs. You’ll find that each
tab has been printed with capitalized HELVETICA BOLD, which fits in with most existing Avery systems. Each sheet has five tabs across, and we positioned
the tabs to be in the correct order regardless of which letter you choose.
Each  tab has been laminated to improved durability and ensure they are resistant to rips, tears and liquids. You’ll find that our tabs can easily be
brought from case to case, throughout the office and be placed in many different hands without showing damage. The sheets have been made with 100%
recycled paper containing at least 30% post-consumer paper.
Be sure to pick the right letter for your needs as each pack comes with one letter. This is ideal if you have a few extra exhibits and you need to fit them into
your existing document. You can pick anything from A to Z. The sheets come unpunched, but we can easily punch them for you for a small fee. This allows
you to easily use the tabs without punching the sheets yourself.
When you need to add to your document and need some new exhibit tabs, we’ll be there to help. Our tabs are made to work with any filing system and can be
easily incorporated into existing documents. Not only that, but they are highly durable and will stand the test of time.

Here is a list of the Avery Brand Product Numbers That These Match:Avery 11940, 11941, 11942, 11943, 11944, 11945, 11946, 11947, 11948, 11949, 11950, 12385, 12386, 12387, 12388, 12389, 12390, 112391, 12392, 12394, 12395, 12396, 12397, 12398, 12399