Blank Bottom Fill In The Blank Dividers

Bottom Tab:
Blank Tabs
Bottom Tab:
Special Titles
Bottom Tab:
Exhibit Number
Bottom Tab:
Exhibit Letter

When you don’t know how many legal exhibit tabs you will need, these blank dividers are the perfect choice. Each package contains 5 sets of 5 tabs (25 total) printed with Exhibit, leaving the number blank for you to fill in with ballpoint pen or permanent marker. These letter-size legal exhibit tabs are made from 80 lb white paper with clear Mylar laminated tabs for durability. They are in Avery style with HELVETICA BOLD ALL CAPS font and 5 tabs across. These are unpunched to accommodate different filing methods, but you have the option of ordering them with 2 holes punched on top. Our paper is 100% recycled with 30% post-consumer recycled content.