23rd Apr 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Legal Divider Tabs

Legal divider tabs are the perfect way to organize all of your files. Here are 5 reason why you should be using this product

According to recruiters, the ability to stay organized is one of the topmost sought-after soft skills employers look for in a new employee.

While organization may not come naturally to everyone, there are tools and methods you can adopt in the office to keep your records straight. Developing an easy-to-follow system will help you streamline your workflow and improve productivity.

Legal divider tabs can change the way you work and the ease with which you access the right files at the right time.

Read on to find out what you can do with legal divider tabs and what makes them such a useful tool in the workplace.

1. Keep Track of Client Information

It's hard to call a client back when you're not sure where you wrote down their phone number or email address. Losing track of client information is a great way to miss important meetings, fumble deadlines, and forget to send invoices.

Use custom printed legal index dividers to organize a binder or file folder of client information. Put the representative or company name on the divider and organize them in the order that makes the most sense to you.

The easiest way to keep track of client information straight is to go with good old fashioned alphabetization. However, you may want to take it a step further and create a binder for your biggest clients, a binder for your smaller clients, and a binder for prospective clients.

2. Streamline Teamwork

More and more businesses are turning to teamwork to tackle big projects. Teamwork is a great way to delegate tasks based on each employee's strengths and experience.

Not all team projects take place in a boardroom. Sometimes, the elements of a team project are tackled individually before everyone involved comes together to create a cohesive final project.

Create a binder or file for each team project you begin. Give each employee involved their own tab where they can place paperwork documenting the tasks they've completed, the tasks they have coming up, and any questions they may have for their teammates.

That way, each employee is accounted for and you have a starting place for any meetings you hold to discuss progress.

3. Keep Your Finances Straight

To file your annual taxes, you need everything from gross receipts from services or sales to the interest accrued on your business savings and checking accounts. If you don't keep this organized in one place, tax season will become headache-inducing in a matter of minutes!

Plus, organizing all of your financial records will give you a much better sense of the economic salience of your business. Which products are selling? Which ad campaigns seemed to bring in the most business?

Keeping a financial record will help you perform a more accurate year-end analysis and develop a better plan for next year's growth. Use legal divider tabs for all of your important financial documents. Organize them based on the money going out of your business and the money coming into your business.

You can even keep records from years past in order to chart your long term growth. Not only will this enable you to visualize where your business is going but it will inspire more confidence in potential investors that you have the finger on the pulse of your business.

4. Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Happy employees are productive employees. One of the biggest hindrances of happiness in the workplace is stress, and one of the biggest creators of stress is disorganization.

Your employees lose a lot of valuable work time when they have to hunt through the entire office for a few select documents. This constant wild goose chase does not make your employees feel confident in your leadership abilities.

It may also make them fear that delays or setbacks caused by the business's overall disorganization will reflect poorly on their individual performance.

Legal divider tabs are a great way to create a system of organization that is easy for everyone to learn and adhere to. Never again will your employees feel like they are wasting their time at work.

5. Increase Your Number of Repeat Clients

According to business experts, poor customer service, failure to meet expectations, and inconsistency are some of the top reasons that a company loses business. Chances are that if your business has poor organization, you're falling into all three of these categories.

Being able to access the appropriate documents before an important meeting or even in a moment's notice will change the way you interact with your clients. They'll recognize that you understand their needs and are doing what you can to meet those needs every time you interact with them.

With organized files, there will be no more putting your clients on hold for long periods of time and no more asking, "I know we've talked about this already, but do you mind going over that information again?"

You'll be more prepared to seal the deal on every sale that comes your way--and clients you've already worked with will be thrilled to work with you again in the future.

Where to Find Legal Divider Tabs

Legal divider tabs are a cost-efficient and easy-to-use solution for your business's organizational needs. Once you start using them to label your documents, you'll be amazed that you didn't implement this system sooner!

Shop online with us or contact us with any questions you have about our collection. We sell a large variety of legal index dividers and law tabs and our prices are sure to beat the competition!