5 Tips for Organizing Legal Envelopes and Law Office Supplies

30th Nov 2021

5 Tips for Organizing Legal Envelopes and Law Office Supplies

Did you know that most employees spend about 25% of their time searching for information? If you are a lawyer or a worker in a legal office, you can use up to three hours a week looking for specific files. In some cases, you may misplace important case files and need to redo your work.

Organizing legal envelopes and documents is the best way to keep your office tidy. This measure also reduces the chances of losing important papers and wasting time in the search process.

Are you wondering about the best ways to keep your supplies and envelope in order? Continue reading to discover five simple ways to arrange your files and prevent losing clients.

1. Declutter Your Desk

Having a lot of files on your desk might feel like the simplest way to avoid getting up to pick them from your file cabinet. However, if you continue piling up legal documents, the space will become untidy.

This issue can cause distractions and make it hard to concentrate on work. A messy desk is also likely to lower your productivity because you will spend more time looking for the items you need.

The best way to organize your law supplies and legal envelopes is by decluttering your desk. First, remove each item from the space and place them somewhere else.

During this time, throw away the things you no longer need. Such items include old stickers, pens that are out of ink, and unnecessary documents.

After that, classify every item into two sections; the ones you need frequently and those you rarely use. You can also move the law envelopes you are not working on to the storage cabinet.

The next step in decluttering your desk is getting categorization and storage items to keep the space neat. For example, buy desktop trays for placing files. Other things you can get are:

  • Filing cabinets
  • Organizing drawers
  • A file organizer box

Another way to keep the legal supplies on your desk organized using a pen storage container. This one will safely store your pens and prevent them from damaging important documents.

2. Have a Designated Location for Important Documents

Legal officers often handle confidential documents and case files. Still, some may contain information that is more sensitive than others. The best way to organize such law envelopes is by designating a specific storage space for them.

Set aside one compartment or shelf in a lockable cabinet or drawer for placing such documents. Alternatively, use a safety deposit box to safeguard them and prevent unauthorized access.

Storing sensitive documents in a different location prevents a mix-up. You can also avoid mistakenly handing them to someone else when sharing files. Separating regular and confidential legal papers also lowers the risk of some information leaking when someone snoops around.

3. Create a Law Office Filing System

Legal offices handle a lot of paperwork, which makes it tricky to organize. Without a transparent filing system, you will likely mix up documents or folders of different cases. This issue can waste time since you need to reacquire all missing papers from the initial source to resume work.

Create an effective law office filing system to simplify organization and keep all documents safe. Begin by determining how you want to arrange these files.

You can categorize them using their years, then subdivide them according to individual case types. Alternatively, opt for an alphabetic order or a color-coordinated grouping method. The next step should be getting all the supplies you need to create the filing system.

These can include:

  • File folders
  • Binders
  • Filing cabinets or boxes

When designing a filing system, it’s vital to ensure you have a labeling method. This one will help you identify different cases and reduce the time taken looking for specific envelopes. One brilliant idea for labeling your case files is using your client’s last name.

You can also include dates to differentiate folders that may have similar names. Having such an elaborate filing system will make it easier for everyone on your team to locate individual files.

4. Get an Office Supply Closet

If you have an open office layout, you know that cluttered desks can make the space look unappealing. One of the things that makes organizing law offices difficult is the supplies. Installing a closet or getting a mobile one to store these items will make it easier to stay tidy.

Everyone in the office can keep various items like stampers, mailing labels, and tapes in these areas. Besides, you can use it for storing pens you rarely use or bulky things like printing papers.

Office supply closets are suitable for both small and large offices. Depending on the number of supplies you have, you can quickly get a custom-made option. The main benefit of getting this storage unit is that you can keep other office categorization items there.

For example, instead of placing many pen holders on your desk, put them in the supply closet. You can also keep storage boxes here to avoid stacking them on the cabinets.

5. Clean Out Your Drawers

Most office desks have at least two drawers for storage. However, most people use these spaces to keep personal belongings, leaving little to no room for work items. When looking for ways to organize law envelopes and documents, consider sorting out your drawers.

Remove each item here and discard the ones you don’t need. Further, relocate personal items to a small bag or designate one lockable drawer for them. After that, you can determine how you want to use the remaining storage spaces.

Some of the things you can keep in the drawers are files of cases you’re working on, pens, staplers, and staple removers. You can also use the top one for placing your laptop and phone when not using them.

Get Legal Envelopes to Organize your Law Documents

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With these, you can keep your desk, and cabinets tidy then concentrate on work. It’s also easier to avoid losing sensitive case documents and damaging your reputation. Sign up now to start shopping for quality supplies.