Google Customer Reviews

Posted by Vincent Mistretta on 26th Dec 2017

Perhaps you have noticed the Google Customer Reviews logo at the bottom right on our website, this is a program that eCommerce retailers like us subscribe to. 

In a nutshell the way it works is that we submit sign up agreeing to meet or exceed Googles service metrics for on-time shipping, customer service and returns policy. Google monitors us for a period, I don't remember how long it was but it was maybe 3 or 6 months. Since Google basically owns the internet they control our advertising and search results and there is no way a non legitimate retailer would agree to this, even if they could get approved.

When you checkout that popup comes up to allow Google to email you a short survey after you have taken delivery. It is in your best interest to always buy from a site that has that Google icon, not just with us but anyplace you buy online. There is no way to kill a bad review or fudge anything, the website has zero control over anything with this review system.

Our rating is about perfect, 4.9, would love to have a 5.0 but that is not realistic as no matter how hard we try, errors happen and there are always haters out there for some unkonown reason