Improved product

29th Oct 2017

We have recently upgraded out blank 1/25th cut side tabs. The previous paper was an 80lb text which is the same stock that most of the tabs are printed on, problem is that the other tabs are laminated, these are just cut paper so they would bend and dog ear very easily. Not that we have any problem with dog ears, but dog eared tabs look sloppy in your document. We have started using a 90lb index stock that although it will still bend it is neater. The price is slightly more than the mass produced tabs that our competitors offer, but really it is not significant for the difference in quality. Here is the link to the product: V-614 Plain Paper Tabs

As an alternative we offer the same size tab that is laminated, you can write on them and they are an excellent choice as long as you are not trying to print on that tiny tab. Here is the link to that product: V-582 1/25th Cut Laminated Tabs

If you would like a sample of either of these products please just send us a request through our contact page: Contact