The Absolute Necessities for Crafting Legal Documents

21st Dec 2020

The Absolute Necessities for Crafting Legal Documents

The Absolute Necessities for Crafting Legal Documents

When you're crafting legal documents, there are a few materials and supplies that you absolutely need in order to effectively do your job.

As a lawyer, perhaps the last thing on your mind is the supplies you need to make your office feel like a conducive place to work. They are, however, essential in increasing your effectiveness. Can you imagine trying to craft legal documents, only to realize that you have no pens lying around?

These are the items that you absolutely must have to effectively compile all your legal documents.

1. Stationery

It goes without saying that stationery is a necessity for any lawyer. Even if you type up most of your contents, going through the legal documents will require printing them out and making notes or highlighting on paper. To effectively spot mistakes, for instance, a bright yellow highlighter can become your best friend.

Some important stationery to have are:

  • Pencils and pens
  • Highlighters
  • Staplers and staples
  • Paper clips

2. Legal Pads

Ever needed to jot something down without burying it on your laptop documents? Legal pads are small, detachable and portable. Write down all the most important tasks you have, or scribble down notes while going through legal documents, so you remember the possible areas you will need to conduct more research on.

Legal pads are great for brainstorming, too. Sometimes, it can seem daunting to open a word document and start spilling the most random ideas, but there's no such fear with a legal pad. They are informal and you can simply throw the page out when your ideas don't add up to something.

You can choose from the Dual Pads with punched holes or even the Premium Junior Legal Pads.

3. Partition Folders

If you are going through pages upon pages of legal documents, it's easy to get swamped and forget what-goes-where, and which-evidence-leads-where. To solve this issue, you can get a partition folder, which divides your case into different sections.

The best way to do this is to classify your documents by their purpose. Maybe some of them are evidence for your case, some of them are possible counter-evidence that can be used against you, and some of them may be contracts. Label these accordingly, and never lose sight of which documents you need at any given time!

4. Stock Certificates

If you ever need to craft certificates quickly, you can purchase stock certificates, print them out, and fill in the important details. This will save you some time and ensure that all the formatting is professional. Having a ready-made template will also make sure that you won't forget any of the important details.

You can choose from a range of stock certificates, including LLC Share Certificates and Capital Stock Certificates.

5. Specialty Stamps

Ever need customized stamps to help you make certain legal documents official? Or maybe you need those stamps to make sure people know certain documents are classified, or that they are only accessible to certain people.

Using a stamp is an easy way of making this declaration. They can also help you when you want to redact certain sections of the document. Stamps are essentially a lawyer's best friend - they help you classify your documents according to importance, and they let others know not to snoop into your work, either.

6. Manuscript Covers

Your legal documents are valuable, so keeping them safe in a durable cover is vital. Manuscript covers are therefore important, especially when you are passing these documents along to different parties. To ensure that no damage comes to the actual documents, get a manuscript cover that is sturdy and not easily torn.

These covers are also useful for providing documents for your clients, or for other interested parties. For example, if you are providing your clients with a will, you can purchase the will cover that comes with envelopes as a set, too. This will highlight your professionalism and will ensure your clients do not lose important pieces of paper.

7. Document Envelopes

How do you ensure your documents are safe when you send them off to clients, or when you are handing them over to the court? Our sturdy envelopes have the added plus of being customizable. With a sophisticated logo of your law firm printed on the front, people will immediately know that the letter comes from you.

8. Binding Supplies

Have you ever gone into your office and realized that all of your files are in a messy jumble? The easiest way to overcome this is by binding your legal documents together.

This does not just make them easy to store, but it also organizes all the relevant files. This way, it will improve convenience when you are going through the legal documents again to see which evidence will support your case.

Binding supplies include:

  • Exhibit binders
  • Fasteners
  • Binding covers

9. Will Supplies

Wills are highly important documents. They hold all the desires of a client once they pass, so the presentation of these documents must reflect their value.

If you are crafting wills, there are plenty of supplies that will help your legal documents look professional and be stored in the best possible way to offer to your clients as well.

Will supplies will include:

  • Will paper
  • Legal size will covers and envelopes
  • Customizable covers and envelopes

Crafting Legal Documents With the Right Tools

Crafting legal documents are a part of everyday life for a lawyer. Using the right supplies will ensure that the quality of your work remains phenomenal, both through the quality of the content and also of the physical appearance.

Contact us to purchase office supplies that will help you do your best legal work.