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Where will it end?

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Okay so by popular demand we have added another product, 6A-6Z tabs. When we added the 4A-4Z we thought...that will be good, but no we kept getting calls asking for 5A-5Z. We ran with the 5A-5Z for a couple of years but with so many requests for 6A-6Z we figured okay why not? We had no idea why customers would request these so often but I was recently told that sometimes the court says party A is to use numbers and party B is to use letters. Now numbers are no big deal we have tons of those, but these letters, I don't think the judges rules sometimes take into account the scrambling that has to be done to index these documents. We understand that sometimes you are assigned numbers in different sequences, maybe your exhibits are to start with 200 and your adversary is to start with say 500, these are pretty readily available, especially from our site-not so much from an office supply retailer.

Now the 5A-5Z are not without issue, the letters are so small you really have to look at them closely to determine how many letters there actually are, we know and we agree. There is a technical reason we can't just do two stacks on these little tabs, but trust us we tried. When we acknowledged the need for the AAAAAA-ZZZZZZ exhibit tabs we knew there is no way to put all of these letters on one tab, so we went to 2 sets of thirteen tabs per set, this way the letters are actually legible.

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