Estate Administration Indexes

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Set of 8 1/2 X 11 Indexes, 31 Tabs on right. Sold only as a set. Laminated Tabs, 5 Hole Punched. Ancillary Adminstration, Probate Petition, Real Property, Stock Bond LLC Certificates, Bank Accounts, Other Assets, Final Tax Returns, 706 Federal Estate Tax Return, State Tax Return, Marital Deduction QTIP Share, Fiduciary Tax Return, Research, Estate Tax Work Papers, Accounting Work Papers, Debts, Distributions, Insurance, Pensions IRA's Annunities, Other Non-probate Assets, Wills/Trusts, Death Certificate, Letters Testamentasry, Record File, Pleadings Notice Motions, Creditors Claims/Disposition, Inventory and Appraisals, Notes and Deadlines, Correspondence, Engagement Letter, Administrative Expense, Tax Waivers