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Avery Style Collated number tabs
Our side collated exhibit tabs are perfect if you’re looking for a way to easily organize your documents into numerical sections. Whether you have legal exhibits, index
briefs, mortgage documents or anything else that requires intense and meticulous organization, then these tabs will ensure that your document is properly ordered
and maintained.
Each exhibit tab page is measured at 9 x 11 inches, which is 1/2-inch wider than a standard letter-sized piece of paper. This is perfect because it easily fits with the rest
of your document, buts comes out just enough so that you can easily find and pick the right tab in your document. The tabs are highly durable and will withstand the
rigors of being transported from place to place.
The numbers have been printed on both sides of the tabs, and they are reversible. Each sheet has been laminated, making them rip proof and resistant to stains or
absorbing any liquids. The sheets come unpunched, but you can choose to have them pre-punched for your binder for a small fee. Our packs are compatible with
numerous Avery sets, so they easily work together with your existing tabs.
You can choose packs in numbered increments of 25 (1-25, 26-50, all the way up to 5,000), ensuring you’ll have as many as you need regardless of how
large your document gets. You can select same day shipping for quantities of 5,000 or less, but sets of 5,001 to 10,000 are now custom printed and will require a quotation. 

Selecting  punching won’t delay shipping at all!

If you’re looking for collated tabs that will help you easily organize large documents, then our tabs definitely fit the bill. You can choose anything from 1-25 to 4976
5,000, ensuring even the largest documents can be properly organized, and they are resistant to stains or rips. When you need organization, we’ll be here to help.


Compatible with:
     • HCM00501 - CUSSP11400C
     • Avery-11370, Avery-11372, Avery-11396, Avery-11397, Avery-01334, Avery-01335,
       Avery-01336, Avery-01337, Avery-01338, Avery-01339, Avery-01340, Avery-01341,
       Avery-01342, Avery-01343, Avery-01344, Avery-01345, Avery-01346, Avery-01347,
       Avery-01348, Avery-01349