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Avery® Style -Bold Helvetica Font Each pack has 25 tabs in it, so, for example an order of 1 is 25, and order of 2 is 50 tabs.
Numbered tabs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to organize large documents, and we’re here to help you get all the tabs you need. Our
uncollated numbered tabs give you a whole pack of a single number. This is ideal if you need a new number for your existing system or you want to organize a
new document but only need a few numbers.
All our tabs use laminated paper that is resistant to tearing and is highly durable. They’ll be able to withstand being moved and jostled around, or they can be
stored indefinitely until they are needed. The sheets measure 9x11, making them 0.5-inch wider than conventional letter sheets. This allows them to easily fit
with the rest of the document while giving you a little tab on the side to find and open the proper section. The tabs are printed on both sides.
Each pack comes with a single number of your choice. Choose from 1-500 and then pick how many packs that you need. A pack comes with 25 of the same
number. The tabs have been organized in descending order, so 1 is on top, 2 is under that and so on. Each sheet fits up to 25 tabs and then repeats. You can
easily work these in with most Avery sets.
The pages come unpunched, but you can have us punch the pages for you. For a small fee, we will three-hole punch each page for you so that they can be
used immediately once you open the pack.
Whether you’re looking to build a new organizing system or add new tabs to your existing one, these uncollated numbered tabs easily work with any
document. Not only that, but the tabs are durable enough to handle being moved around or stored for years. If you need help organizing your documents, then
we'll be here for you with any type of tabs that you need.

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