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Avery Style Letter Tabs- Bold Font
If you’re looking to fill out your existing lettered tabs or to organize any of your long documents, then you’ll definitely need some tabs to help separate your document.
Our uncollated lettered side tabs are here to help if you are organizing by letter and you need many tabs with the same letter. All our tabs are durable and able to
withstand being moved from place to place or being stored for an indefinite amount of time.
Our uncollated side tabs come in one letter, which is ideal if you need many tabs with the same letter or only need a few letters for all your organizing. You can pick
any single letter from A to Z and each pack comes with 25 tabs and they are made in descending order. A is made to be at the top, B under that and so on. This
allows you to easily fit them in with other existing tabs, or to build your own system.
The sheets are 9x11, which makes them only 0.5-inches wider than a standard letter sheet. This allows you to easily find and grab the necessary tab while also
ensuring that they stay in line with the other sheets. The only part that will stick out is the side, everything else will be flush against the other sides.
The tabs have been laminated, so they are resistant to tearing and stains. Each sheet has been made from recycled paper. While they come unpunched, you can
request three-hole punching for a small fee. This will ensure that tabs are immediately ready to use without requiring you to manually punch them, and it won't delay shipping!
If you’re looking to organize any document by letter and need so uncollated tabs, we’ll be here for you. Our tabs are durable, fit in with existing tabs and are made to
the highest standard. No matter what you’re organizing, our tabs will be there to help.