Posted by Vincent Mistretta on 26th Dec 2017

Google Customer Reviews

Perhaps you have noticed the Google Customer Reviews logo at the bottom right on our website, this is a program that eCommerce retailers like us subscribe to. In a nutshell the way it works is th

29th Oct 2017

Improved product

We have recently upgraded out blank 1/25th cut side tabs. The previous paper was an 80lb text which is the same stock that most of the tabs are printed on, problem is that the other tabs are laminated

Posted by Vincent Mistretta on 7th Oct 2017

We have added Amazon Pay

We just added Amazon Pay as a payment method, this is a secure and easy way to complete your checkout. I am a big time online shopper and when I shop I notice many more things than the average shopper
Where will it end?

Posted by Vincent Mistretta on 7th Aug 2017

Where will it end?

Okay so by popular demand we have added another product, 6A-6Z tabs. When we added the 4A-4Z we thought...that will be good, but no we kept getting calls asking for 5A-5Z. We ran with the 5A-5Z for a